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Fall Migration in Costa Rica- Six Things I Have Learned

1 month ago   |   By 10,000 Birds

For the first 30 something years of my life, fall migration was when the warblers “sipped”, “chipped” and “seeped” in the tired, late summer leaves. It was when I searched for migrant birds on gorgeous days of September, usually near the Niagara Gorge, sometimes while fishing for salmon in the powerful green waters. It was also when October came with cool weather and bunches of White-throated Sparrows, shy Hermit Thrushes. The muted colors of Blackburnians, Black-throated Greens, and Blackpolls fit right in with the dull greens and golden highlights of the early fall vegetation. As the...
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Birding Nanhui, Shanghai in October

Birding Nanhui, Shanghai in October

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