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Identification of a large dataset of SNPs in Larimichthys polyactis using high‐throughput 2b‐RAD sequencing

2 monthes ago   |   By Animal Genetics

The small yellow croaker is one of the most commercially exploited marine fishes along the coast of the Yellow‐Bohai Sea and the East China Sea. In this study, we used next‐generation high‐throughput 2b‐RAD‐seq technology to identify novel SNPs in L. polyactis. We scored a total of 1 374 008 putative SNPs genome‐wide. Further filtration yielded a final dataset of 6457 high‐quality SNPs. These SNP markers presented sufficient power in detecting genetic distinction between two wild samples from the Yellow‐Bohai Sea and one captive sample from the East China Sea, and inbreeding...
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